Summer is here and it’s hot - stay safe in the heat and drink lots of water while you go out and look for cheer. Here are resources to keep you entertained and moving around if you’re stuck at home. Remember: The Town needs you to #CoverYourFace and keep social distancing when you’re out exercising - yes, even on the bike path please! And wear bug repellent or avoid dawn/dusk, since Arlington mosquitoes may have West Nile Virus (ew!).

Keep Active!

Circumnavigate Arlington

Looking for more of a challenge? George Stephans on the Arlington List has written up a guide and map for how to circumnavigate our town! Walking, running, whatever - it’s a new way to see our town at your own pace. Donations to Arlington EATS or another local charity recommended if you want to make your own achievement!

With George’s circumnavigation, please note:

  • Participate whenever you want
  • Walk, run, or bike
  • Cover all or part of the route
  • Start and end wherever you want
  • Divide your travel into as few or as many trips as you want
  • The only rules are to stay safe and have fun!

Mental Health Resources

With various stay at home orders, doctors are using new tools for telemedecine and remote visits, and many insurance companies have updated their policies for mental and physical health visits. It’s worth a call to your provider to see how to still get help staying at home.

Got More Ideas?

Email us your suggestions - we update this site frequently!

Time to get outside and get walking!