Have you finished reading everything on your bookshelf? Started reading ingredient lists while waiting for your library Overdrive book to come in or for you Robbins Library pickup time to be here? Tired of waiting for Amazon to actually ship anything non-essential? Check out these other bookstores and places to find books.

Local Bookstores

While it’s fun to wander store bookshelves in our local stores, sometimes it’s convenient to order online. Most shops use Bookshop.org to fullfill online orders. Bookshop.org then shares profits with the local stores - a key way to support your independent bookshop!

Used Bookstores Worth Buying From

Can’t wait for shipping? There are tons of online library programs, and Arlingtonian Steve Rothman has a great explainer about online libraries!

Yes, Virginia, used books are just as good as new. Here are some worthwhile used booksellers to check out.

  • Better Worlds Books is a certified B corporation with a huge selection that I use (my affiliate link includes $5 off a $30 order!)
  • Abe Books has everything, including textbooks
  • ALibris sells their own books as well as having portals for local bookshops.

Little Free Libraries And Book Swaps In Town

Did you know there are 20 Little Free Libraries in Arlington alone? These tiny little houses offer free books for trading anytime. See the map of all locations.

If you want to swap books with neighbors, there are two Facebook groups all about swapping (private groups; you’ll need to be approved to view):

Got More Ideas?

Email us your suggestions - we update this site frequently!

In a pinch, any smartphone or computer can turn into an e-reader