Now that many local towns require masks, and the CDC recommends wearing cloth masks when going out, we’re all wondering where to get one for ourselves, or where to donate extra masks or Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to those who need them.

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Need a mask for home use? See the list of local Arlingtonians sewing cloth masks for sale to neighbors!

Make Your Own Masks

Reminder: hospitals often have restrictions on designs or materials - but first responders, the elderly, and plenty of other people need masks too! All masks you make will be useful.

  • Laura’s Sewing School right here in Arlington has mask-making organized, with patterns, supply kits, and helps distribute directly to groups in town in need.
  • Maker Mask provides designs that incorporate fabric from reuseable shopping bags, including some links to research on effectiveness.
  • Masks For All aims to be a comprehensive website about the benefits of wearing home-made masks; site translated into multiple languages so very useful for some communities.
  • Coronavirus Tech Handbook - Masks - is a laundry list of various how-to guides, programs, and scientific research on different kinds of masks. Well worth reading to find some serious research about mask effectiveness and best practices.

Buying A Mask

With many of the regular retailers sold out, or backordered, it takes some planning. See a list of Arlingtonians selling masks - many are using great patterns with good designs and different sizes. There are also many sites or videos online for making simple masks out of bandannas, t-shirts, or best yet: high thread count sheets.

Remember to always put your mask on safely - a contaminated mask (from handling the inside with dirty fingers) doesn’t help as much.

Masks Required In Public Spaces

Arlington town government has issued a “Wear A Face Covering in Public” Advisory in public for all residents over the age of 5. See how other local towns and cites are handling this guidance about staying safe in public from the CDC.

Got More Ideas?

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Save N95 masks for the hospitals!