This is currently a scratch pad of ideas for the website itself. Shane is hoping some of our technology volunteers will have time to step up and work on some improvements (or just help maintain links / add relevant new resources).

Website Improvement Ideas

  • Review site architecture - layout of pages both from user point of view as well as writer/editor point of view
  • Change repo to be under an organization, not just Shane’s repos
  • Put in relevant header graphics/social media preview images In progress
  • Setup an admin volunteer team page, listing core admin contacts / give credit
  • Normalize on single mutuaaidarlington@ email address (Morgen/Shane)
  • Create a hardware donation / hardware needs matching service or docs
  • Integrate with whatever the pod admins decide for their efforts
  • Writeup simple instructions for creating Google Forms intake -> Sheet -> Map so it’s turnkey to add new /cheer features in the future like bear hunt and egg hunt
  • Find a robust and zero-maintenance contact form to allow volunteers to obscure their email addresses on the site (i.e. so matching or people requesting help use a form, meaning volunteers are less likely to get random spam direct to their email address)
  • Integrate slack workspace for admins/core volunteers
  • See what other town resources we should directly feature

  • DONE Change to a GitHub Pages remote_theme: mmistakes/minimal-mistakes

Contact Site Admins

Propose a GitHub PR or email with your suggestions.