Working from home and can’t connect? Figuring out how to setup video calls? Missing a cable, or need computer help? We have lots of geek volunteers in Arlington you can reach out to. There’s even volunteers with Fix-It Clinic who can advise on fixing hardware and gadgets!

Get Technology Help

View our list of computer technology volunteers who may be able to help you. Please remember: these geeks are all volunteers with busy lives, so give them time to respond, and be sure to say thanks!

Have a hardware or gadget problem? If some other electronics around the house aren’t working, and you’re willing to try fixing it yourself, then the Fixit Clinic has volunteers here in Arlington too! Here’s how:

If you need electronic gadgets or tools fixed, fixed you can sign up to have a virtual fixit clinic session if you:

  • Have a computer and internet connection that will support video teleconferencing?
  • Can you show and describe the problem / recreate the problem in under five minutes?
  • Can you have some rudimentary disassembly tools at the ready?
  • Can you fill out the Broken Item Fixit Report afterwards?
  • If yes to all steps above then register for a Virtual Fixit Clinic and a Fixit Coach will reach about scheduling you for an upcoming Virtual Fixit Clinic.

Volunteer To Help

Are you a geek who can help? Volunteer your tech skills here for any Arlington residents by filling in our Google Form for tech volunteers.

See the techhelp page, now a searchable, categorized list of people available. If there’s interest, we might be able to allow tech volunteers to do so semi-anonymously, only sharing contact details with specific people looking for help.

NOTE: Currently Shane is building this site, although I’m talking to a few other Arlingtonians about coordinating efforts. If you want to help maintain this meta-coordination site, please submit the Tech Volnteer Form and tick the box for site admin.

Technology Ideas For Kids

There are plenty of lists of activities or remote learning for kids these days of closed schools out there. But in terms of technology, here are a few focused suggestions.

Got More Ideas?

Email us your suggestions - we update this site frequently!

Thanks to our geek volunteers!