Looking to find some fresh produce? Need gluten-free flour, or anything else special? Just need some TP!?!? While stock levels for most things are getting better, some things (like wipes in plastic canisters) are still hard to find.

UPDATE: Where To Get Free Stuff

While supply chains have mostly caught up, there’s still plenty of need in town for various kinds of things. Several groups make it easy to give away things that you might not need, but is still too nice to throw away.

Nearby Supermarket Stock Reports

Reminder: Wash your hands, don’t worry too much about sanitizing groceries.

If you’re looking for stores outside Arlington, try Shortage Scout, where you can make reports and search for nearby stores that have TP, cleaners, or more in stock. If you’re on Facebook, checkout the BELMONT, WATERTOWN, ARLINGTON and CAMBRIDGE: INSTOCK AND NEEDED ESSENTIALS group.

For Arlngton, see current reports below, or click on Make A Report on any store if you go shopping and notice anything! Remember: reports come from you or your neighbors, so always double-check yourself by calling if something is important.

Handy Map Of Stores We Cover (See map fullscreen)

Got More Ideas?

Email us your suggestions - we update this site frequently! In particular, we want to know what to add:

  • More stores? If there’s enough demand for specific stores, we’ll add’em.
  • Better reports? Should we color-code low stock stores?
  • Other specific instock columns? We can’t add too many, but if we get a lot of specific requests we will.
  • Ideas for better help for this page, especially on mobile (your neighborhood developer is always on their laptop…)

Let your neighbors know what you found out shopping!


  • Maps hosted by uMap and OpenStreetMap
  • Data by Google Forms and Sheets
  • Code ideas from Utah Valley Mutual Aid
  • Inspiration from Arlington and other local Facebook groups sharing shopping data!