Welcome to Robin’s Corner

Welcome to Robin’s Corner, with thoughtful essays from Dr. Robin Schoenthaler, an Arlington resident and a long-time Oncologist at a major Boston area hospital.

Robin has been working with her usual cancer patients as well as with many COVID-19 patients. She has a doctor’s perspective both on the science behind the disease, and on the actual and practical considerations of caring for patients - many with other conditions besides COVID-19 - in this crazy time.

She’s allowed us to repost her essays here to reach a broader audience in Arlington, and to give neighbors both some perspectives from inside the hospitals nearby, as well as some thoughtful analysis of the science and practical advice for staying safe.

Robin posts these essays as her own opinions, and in no way related to her employer or other organizations. Please feel free to share, but only attribute these essays to “Dr. Robin Schoenthaler of Arlington”. Thanks.